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  1. To add a record, first select which species you have seen, or choose 'Other' and type the species name in the box provided.
  2. Input a description of the quantity or the number of the species you have seen, for example 1 mink, or 50+ plants, and the location you have seen them, e.g. Thompson Park, Burnley.
  3. Enter your details so that we can contact you if we need to verify a report and then click on the 'PLACE' button.
  4. Move your mouse cursor over to the map and click to drop a pin at the location you want to record.
  5. Once you have dropped the pin, you can zoom in by double clicking on the map, scrolling your mouse wheel or by using the zoom slider. Try switching the map to 'Terrain' or 'Satellite' to help you identify the exact spot.
  6. If the pin is not in the correct location, click and drag to move it.
  7. When you are happy with the selected location, move your mouse cursor off the map and click 'SUBMIT' on the form.
  8. Your sighting will be added to a queue which we will view and then approve. Once the report has been approved it will be displayed on the map. Locations of signal crayfish are sensitive and will not be displayed on this map.

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Step 1: Fill in the form

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Are you interested in volunteering with the Ribble Rivers Trust to help eradicate invasive non-native species in Lancashire?

Step 2: Place the marker

Step 3: Submit

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